About Lakeshore

About Lakeshore

Lakeshore Sports Car Club, based out of southeastern Wisconsin, is one of the founding members of the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC.org.). Midwestern Council consists of seven affiliate clubs consisting of about 700 members. Midwestern Council has been sanctioning races continuously since 1958. MCSCC is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization that hosts six to ten race weekends annually. In addition to the typical wheel-to-wheel sprint races, these weekends include HPDEs, High Speed Autocross, Enduros and MCSCC licensing schools. Becoming a member of an affiliate club automatically signs you up as a member of Midwestern Council.

Club History

In 1958, a number of racing clubs found that rising insurance and track-rental costs were making individual club racing programs prohibitively expensive. To counter this they joined together to form the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs to set competition and licensing procedures, and to coordinate race dates in order to facilitate the participation by the drivers of all member clubs.

Our consistently high levels of well-matched competition owe much to our innovative approach to racing classes. From the beginning, Lakeshore Sports Car Club has helped build Midwestern Council racing into the fun, friendly racing environment that it is today.

Wheel to Wheel Road Racing

Wheel-to-Wheel sports car racing has been the cornerstone of Midwestern Council’s program since 1958. Our normal race schedule features around 12 race weekends spread across the racing season at tracks like Road America, Autobahn Country Club, Blackhawk Farms Raceway, GingerMan Raceway, the Milwaukee Mile and others. Competitors race for trophies and season championship points. The emphasis is on intense competition in a fun and safe environment.
All Wheel-to-Wheel drivers must have a competition license to participate. Two on-track driver’s schools are offered throughout the season to issues licenses. Our General Competition Rules are published before each season starts and are available online. Most of our open and closed wheel race classes fit very closely with other popular racing organizations and we even accept most full competition licenses such as those from the SCCA, BMWCCA, WHRRI, CASC, and others.

There are many race classes in which you can race, depending upon the type of car you drive. Some of these classes include Spec Miata, B-Spec, Showroom Stock, Improved Touring, Super Production, GT, D and C Sport Racer, Spec Racer Ford, Spec Renault, Formula Vee, Formula 500, Club Ford, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic and Formula C. There is even an unrestricted class if your car does not fit any of the other classes. New classes are added annually as needed.

Lakeshore Sports Car Club believes that through its commitment, along with other member clubs, Midwestern Council road racing will continue as a fun and friendly alternative to the win-at-all-cost attitude of larger racing organizations.

Midwestern Council’s Wheel to Wheel Racing Program.
We want you to race with us!

High Speed Autocross (HSAX)

For the motorsports enthusiast who likes to drive fast with reduced risk and expense, Lakeshore Sports Car Club offers the Midwestern Council Championship High Speed Autocross Series (HSAX).
Our High Speed Autocross program is specifically designed for drivers who want to compete in their street car without a huge investment in additional equipment and without the threat of rubbing fenders with other drivers. A valid state driver’s license and a GCR approved helmet is all you need to get your car out on track. Regardless of what car you have, we have a class you can compete in. We can even give you your lap times without requiring you to purchase additional equipment.

Speed – there’s no feeling like it

You’re in second gear and approaching red-line. Quick shift to third and start building RPM’s again. Somewhere around here the big hand of the law firmly says “that’s fast enough”. Except you’re not on a public road now. You’re on a twisty, 2 mile long race track with your street car and the RPM’s are still building. And now you’re shifting to fourth…

Competition – this isn’t just another track day

The only thing better than speed, is competition. Knowing at the end of the day, you did more than just drive around a race course: you learned, you gained, you had fun, and you competed. Our competition rules keep you racing against cars of similar potential so race results come down to who is the better driver.

So you want to Autocross? That’s great, because we want to see you on track also!

Drivers Schools

Midwestern Council offers two on track driver’s schools throughout the season for both Wheel to Wheel and High Speed Autocross drivers. Experienced instructors will teach you good driving techniques and the proper “line”. All this to help you drive safer, faster and have more fun. Students completing the W2W school will be issued a novice competition license. For more information, contact Jeff Willert or visit MCSCC.org.

Vintage Historic

A number of years ago, with the increase in popularity of Vintage/Historic racing, Midwestern Council started to add vintage/historic groups at selected race weekends. Throughout Midwestern Council metal-to-metal contact between competitors is not tolerated. To support this stance, as do virtually all other vintage race organizations, we provide strict stewarding and enforce a 13/13 rule with all infractions shared within the V/H sanctioned racing community. At every weekend’s wheel-to-wheel event a run group is reserved for vintage / historic racing. While spirited competition is encouraged and expected, safety, car control and good sportsmanship are expected at all times. We typically do not class cars for trophy standings, but do offer a points program for regular competitors that rewards consistent participation, driving wherewithal, vehicle preparation and reliability. Cars eligible for MCSCC competition must be pre 1974, unless a continuation model, run DOT approved tires, and meet MCSCC GCR technical and safety regulations (The MCSCC General Competition Rules (GCR) may be found here.) for V/H vehicles. The race group is only open to drivers holding current race privileges with MCSCC, SCCA, VSCDA, VMC, or other nationally sanctioned organizations.

Race Staff Opportunities

Race staff is another way to become a part of the action. Race staff workers are always welcome at Midwestern Council events, whether you’re a first time worker or an experienced race staffer. Training is provided at the event for those who have no experience. No matter what your specialty or interest is, we can find a place where you will definitely feel useful. The specialties of race staff are Flagging & Communications, Tech Inspection, Starters, Safety & Rescue, Timing & Scoring, Pit & Grid, Sound Control and Impound.

Race staff can be a great way to start your involvement in racing. No matter what your interest, your friends in Lakeshore Sports Car Club can help you become an important part of the action.
Not sure which specialty interests you? Race staff clinics are offered at events throughout the summer.