Lakeshore’s Nicole Krueger brought home 5 class wins in 2022. Piloting the tried and true Ford Fiesta, Nicole brought home 5 first place finishes from the 8 race season putting out of reach any challengers efforts. Nicole is fast in anything she drives whether open or closed wheel. Great job Nicole!

Lakeshore’s rookie Seth Burgett also brought home a class championship in 2022. Driving a super fast Mustang in the Super Production class, Seth put himself on the top of the podium three times and once on the second step to push the points battle in his favor to finish out the 2022 season. To expand his time in the driver’s seat, Seth also outright won the Midwestern Council enduro race at Gingerman. Seth, was also nominated for the Midwestern Council Rookie of the Year award. Find out who wins this and other awards by attending the Midwestern Council Annual Awards Banquet this January 14th at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center. Congratulations on a great season Seth!

In other news, Lakeshore Sports Car Club would like to acknowledge some other drivers making some news. John Filios towed his Club Formula Ford all the way from Canton Michigan. John had a 1st and a 2nd place finish at Gingerman, and a 4th place finish at Blackhawk Farms. Another driver from Michigan, William Slawnik tows his Spec Miata from Kingsford Michigan. Lakeshore’s Nate Isaacson tows his 3 series BMW to run in ITS all the way from Greenwood Nebraska. Nate had two 1st place finishes and a 3rd place finish in his 2022 campaign. Werner Kordas from Wauwatosa WI had an overall race win at Blackhawk Farms in July. Thank you all for participating as Lakeshore members.

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